Access Control System:
Allows employees to enter your building and specific areas of your company with an electronic access card or key.
Battery Back-up:
A battery placed inside the security control panel that keeps your system running in the event of an electrical power failure; should be replaced every 2-3 years.
Central Monitoring Station:
Security center in Scottsdale is staffed, 24 hours a day, 365 days a year, with trained operators ready to respond to distress signals by notifying police or fire of the emergency situation.
Chime Mode:
Your security system can be set to alert you with a chime whenever a door or window is opened, while the system is disarmed. This feature is ideal for parents to keep track of their children coming in and out of the home. (Perfect for homes with swimming pools)
Closed Circuit Television (CCTV):
Video surveillance system helps record transactions and events which can be recorded and reviewed at a subsequent time.
Devices placed on protected doors and windows to detect opening when the security system is armed.
Control Panel:
The command center “brains” of the security system. Typically is kept inside a tough steel enclosure and placed in a closet where it cannot be seen.
Glassbreak Sensors:
Sensors used to detect the unique sound of breaking window glass.
Device used to arm and disarm your security system. Illuminated push buttons for night time operation, arranged in a telephone touch pad configuration for easy operation.
Keypad Panic Button:
By pressing a combination of buttons simultaneously, an audible alarm will sound and an emergency signal will be sent to our Central Monitoring Station to dispatch the police.
Keypad Two-Way Wireless:
Portable hand-held keypad allows you to activate and deactivate the system from outside your home or business (average range 75 feet) by inserting your secret access code. It also gives audible and visual feedback of the system status.
Heat Detector:
This device can determine when there is excessive heat. Detector can work in conjunction with your security system or with a stand alone fire system.
Interior Siren:
Audible sounder alerts family and neighbors of alarm situations
Motion Detector:
Device senses infrared energy variations. Both wired and wireless are available.
Pet Resistant Motion Detector:
Allows birds, cats, small and medium sized dogs to roam the home freely without setting off the alarm. Compatible with pet doors to allow pets to come and go from the home. Both wired and wireless are available.
Panic Button:
This lightweight device can be worn with a clip or around your neck. This device activates audible alarms to chase off intruders and to alert our Central Monitoring Station operators to dispatch for police assistance.
Phone Module:
You can control your wireless system from any touch-tone phone from your bedroom, car, office or even a pay phone.
Smoke Detector:
This detector gives audible warning through early detection of fire. When it works in conjunction with your security system, the smoke detector will automatically send a signal to our Central Monitoring Station. Our trained operators will immediately alert the fire department of your emergency.
Underwriters Laboratories:
Underwriters Laboratories Inc. (UL) is an independent, not-for-profit product safety testing and certification organization.
Window Security Screens:
Allows windows to be left open for ventilation while the security system is armed. If the screen is cut or removed, the security system will trigger an alarm.