Make $100 For Referrals

Refer your friends, neighbors and co-workers to Bonds Alarm. When they’re connected to the Bonds Alarm U.L. Listed central station for monitoring, you will receive a Bonds Alarm credit of $100. Our biggest source of new clients continues to be referrals from our present customers. Your referrals the last few months have been overwhelming; Thank You!

Arizona #1 in Property Crime

Arizona holds the dubious ranking of #1 in the nation for crime per 100,000 residents in 2001, according to a study released by the Arizona Criminal Justice Commission.

Arizona ranked 1st for its property crime and auto-theft rates and made the top 10 for murder, robbery, burglary and theft.

Home Fires

Fires kill more Americans than all natural disasters combined on an annual basis. At least 80% of all fire deaths occur in residences, making it the third leading cause of accidental deaths in homes. Fires most often start in the kitchen, followed by the living room. Heating systems is a leading cause of residential fires. Make sure your smoke detectors are cleaned regularly.

Extended Vacations

Don’t forget to leave a telephone connected while you’re gone. If no telephone is available, your security and fire system is unable to communicate with our security center. Backup radio protection is available, which will provide for those moments when telephones are not available or don’t operate properly.

Alarming Statistics

The vast majority of false alarms, estimated at 95%-98% are user errors. Solving the false alarm problem would relieve 35, 000 police officers to attend to other issues. Each false alarm requires approximately 20 minutes of police time, usually for two officers.

Nationally, the annual cost of false alarms is estimated at $1,300,000,000. Yes, that’s right– over a billion!

Guard Response

Bonds Alarm has initiated a guard response program. The response time should be quite prompt and considerably cheaper than the false alarm fines imposed by the local police departments. For residential customers the monthly fee starts as low as $10 and for commercial customers the monthly fee runs from $10-$50 depending on a variety of items.

Ask Camille Meadows for details

Burglary Protection

Almost every home in every neighborhood is a target for burglary. Justice Department statistics say that an average family has a one-in-four chance of being the victim of a serious crime each year. Even worse, burglary is often compounded by violence.

Make sure exterior door hinges are on the inside rather than the outside where an intruder can remove the pins and pull the door out of the frame. Most home burglaries occur between 8:00am and 5:00pm, lock your doors and arm your security system. Nine out of ten convicted burglars agree they’d avoid a house protected by an alarm security system.

Check Your Responsible Parties List?

All too often our central station monitoring staff is told that a party listed as a “Responsible Party” no longer works for an employer or they find that the party has moved or that the telephone number is no longer a working number or the mobile number is no longer valid.

Remember, our ability to notify you in time of need is only as good as the “Responsible Party” list provided by you. Just like the testing of your system, your list should be reviewed often and should be kept current. Soon changes can be made on line at the Bonds Alarm web site Please call the office at 602-955-3990 and check your list.

Alarm Subscriber Duties

Alarm subscribers are required by code to respond or to make arrangements for an alarm business or other responsible person to respond to the scene of an activated alarm within thirty (30) minutes of the alarm activation.

Make sure all your Responsible Parties are aware of their responsibilities.

If you accidentally trip your alarm, immediately call our monitoring center; after disarming the system.

Recent FBI Report

According to the national FBI’s annual Uniform Crime Report, law enforcement agencies reported an estimated 2, 126 burglary offenses in 2005. Of all burglary offenses, 65.8% were of residential structures and 62% took place between 6:00am and 6:00pm.

It is estimated that 34% of burglars entered through the front door, 23% through a first floor window and 22% through the back door. It was also reported that in 41% of alarmed homes that were burglarized, the security system was not turned on.

Experts commenting on previous FBI crime statistics credited the use of alarm systems as a factor in keeping crime rates from further escalation.