24 Hour Central Monitoring

Underwriters Laboratories Listed Monitoring

The Bonds Alarm U.L. Listed Central Monitoring Station is strategically located in the Scottsdale Airpark. Our operators work closely with local jurisdictions, which enables us to provide quick notification of fires and burglaries.

Every 8 seconds a burglary takes place nationwide. According to recent statistics, the burglary rate for the Phoenix metropolitan area ranks among the TOP 15 nationally, with over 40,000 burglaries annually!

Central monitoring provides immediate notification of violations to the secured premise to the U.L. Listed Central Monitoring Station.

With proper equipment, wiring and programming, the Central Monitoring Station can even identify the type and location of an emergency!

The Central Monitoring Station might identify an intrusion at the front door, smoke detection, or medical panic. With this distinction, a prompt and appropriate professional response can be initiated.

Medical, fire, police and duress panics can be generated through your security system. Utilizing today’s wireless technology and telephone interfaces, access to your system is within reach at all times.

Our smoke and heat detectors are connected to our U.L. Listed Central Monitoring Station which notifies the Fire Department if heat or smoke activates the alarm.

Q: Who will call the police or fire department when your alarm sounds?

A: We’ll do it for you! Email us today: mail@BondsAlarm.com